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The Latin American Market Entry  Accelerator Program is a unique program for the Australian market that enables emerging technology companies to accelerate their growth internationally.


It covers all aspects essential to a growing technology business in Latin America and will provide participants with the greatest chance of accelerating their growth to achieve a long term, thriving enterprise.


This will not only benefit the business owners, but through their success, will help the overall growth of the technology sector in Australia and help to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of all industry.


Only entrants that are assessed as having the greatest potential in Latin America will be shortlisted as Finalists and be invited to join the Accelerator Program.

The Program comprises three stages:

  1. Company Assessment - Shortlisting of companies with the best chances of success in the target market.

  2. Pre-trip Mentoring - Mentoring of those companies to better prepare them for market entry.

  3. In-Market Program - Facilitating introductions in the target markets to partners, customers and investors.



STAGE 1: Company Assessment


Australian companies wishing to take part in the Program will undergo a competitive selection process that will shortlist those companies with the best chances of succeeding in the LatAm markets with a primary focus on Chile. The assessment will be undertaken by a panel of experienced Australian judges with guidance from Chilean market experts.


The assessment will be made on the basis of answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your technology/ solution and why is it better than alternatives?

  2. Who will buy your solution in Chile and Latin America and why?

  3. How will you build a successful business in Chile and Latin America around this customer need?

  4. Explain why your business is Export Ready

STAGE 2: Pre-Trip Mentoring


The Finalists will then be provided with pre-trip mentoring through a dedicated mentor and through a workshop and other activities that will increase their capabilities, assist them to plan and provide them with specific targeted connections. This preparatory work is critical to ensuring the trade mission provides the maximum benefits.

This will include:

  1. Working with a dedicated mentor to develop market entry plans

  2. Attending a Market Entry Workshop covering topics such as:

  • Customer Fit

  • Market Potential – local and international

  • Business Goals

  • Business Model Options

  • IP Strategies and Technology Valuation

  • Value Proposition

  • Presenting and Pitching Skills

  • Leadership and Staffing

  • Managing Finance

  • Partnerships and Alliances

  • Pulling it All Together - Preparing the International Market Entry Plan

  3. Trade mission pre-trip briefing

STAGE 3: Trade Mission & In-Market Program


Finalists will travel to Chile for one week to meet with local partners, customers and investors. There will be several events arranged for public profiling of the companies and also a tailored program for each company to meet with specific local organisations that will enable their market entry. The activities detailed below provide an overview of the type of activities that will be scheduled:

  • Chilean Market Briefing

  • AusCham Australian Business Network event

  • Startup Chile Showcase and Pitch Event

  • Universidad Catolica (UC) Market Entry Workshop

  • Business Matching Program tailored for each company with support from AusTrade and ProChile

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