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The Australian Latin American Market Entry Accelerator Program is brought to you by Partners and Sponsors who support our thriving emerging technology sector. If your organisation is interested in joining us, please contact us and we can provide more information.


The Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) was established by the Australian Government in 2001 to enhance Australia’s economic, political and social relations with Latin America.

The Council's objectives are the achievement of:

  1. enhanced and strengthened links between Australia and Latin America in the priority areas of business, education, sustainability, tourism and cultural promotion;

  2. a closer engagement between corporate Australia with Latin America

  3. an increased awareness and understanding of Australia in Latin America, and of Latin America in Australia.

COALAR website

The Australian Technologies Competition is seeking Australia's best companies in the technology sector. 

The competition assesses, mentors and promotes these companies providing a uniquely Australian take on the future.  The competition is seeking to mentor and profile emerging technologies in priority sectors that have global potential.  The Competition was first run in 2011 as a way to identify the best ways of promoting and helping emerging technology companies.

Australian CleanTech facilitates and delivers Clean Technology investments on behalf of both investors and project proponents in Australia, Latin America and Asia. In addition, Australian CleanTech provides services to Australian and Asian government agencies to help stimulate jobs, investment and trade in the Cleantech industry. Australian CleanTech provides access to CleanTech Network events around the country and Cleantech stock market indices in Australia and China.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission–Austrade–contributes to Australia’s economic prosperity by helping Australian businesses, education institutions, tourism operators, governments and citizens as they:

  • develop international markets and promote international education

  • win productive foreign direct investment.

Austrade achieves this by generating market information and insight, promoting Australian capabilities, developing policy, making connections through an extensive global network of contacts, leveraging the badge of government offshore and providing quality advice and services.


ENGIE Factory is the incubator & accelerator of ENGIE startups in LATAM.

Its mission is to produce in a speedy and efficient way value propositions, commercial offers and start up companies that help Engie's vision to become true and support them to grow rapidly into economically viable enterprises.

Engie's visions is to give our clients, (households, companies and governments) user-friendly and elegant tools and services to assist them in diminishing their impact on the environment while maintaining or improving their quality
of life and/or ease of doing business.   


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