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Entries opened on 20 November 2017 and will closed on 16 December 2017.


Finalists were announced in February 2018.


To enter you must be an Australian registered SME company with less than 200 employees.

In addition, you must own or have beneficial use of any intellectual property necessary to deliver your technology solution in Latin America.

There is no limit on maximum investment raised by the company.


Companies entering the Program will commit to the following should they be shortlisted as a Finalist:

  • Attend all mentoring and pre-trip briefings.

  • Prepare and submit its ‘International Market Entry Plan’ on schedule.

  • Participate in the trade mission to Santiago in April 2018 including covering all of their own flights and accommodation costs.

  • Provide two short assessment reports of market entry progress:

    • one month after the trade mission, and

    • twelve months after the trade mission.

  • Participate in future Program Alumni activities where possible and provide guidance and assistance to Finalists in future years



Entries needed to provide information on the following with a maximum of 200 words per question:

1. Technology - What is your technology/ solution and why is it better than alternatives? - A concise description of your technology / solution, including its basic technical features and what makes it different from others on the market or under development in both Australia and Latin America.

2.  Market  - Who will buy your solution in Chile and why? - Describe the industry problem you are targeting and quantify the need / benefits your solution delivers to a customer in Latin America.

3.  Business Plan - How will you build a successful business in Latin America around this customer need? - Tell us about your business plans for Latin America. For example, how will you access your target market; what partnerships or alliances are needed and when; who is leading the business and why; how is your business currently financed and for how long; and anything else that explains why your business will be successful.

4.  Export Readiness - Tell us what you have done to make your business export ready. What experience does the company or key executives have in exporting and why are you confident that you will be successful when facing the significant challenges of entering new international markets?




By submitting your entry you agree to share your contact details and information with the Program and its partners and with the organisers of associated in-market activites.

You also agree to be involved in marketing activities connected with the competition including press, radio and TV media coverage of the competition and its winners. This may include agreeing to be involved in any TV coverage of the competition and its processes.


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