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LatAm Market Entry Accelerator Program Winner


The Australian technology company that is judged to have the greatest potential in the LatAm markets is awarded the Winner. This company will be selected from the category winners detailed below.

This Australian Winner will be celebrated as Australia’s best technology company entering the LatAm market and will be provided with significant profiling.



The Australian Latin American Market Entry Accelerator Program aims to make winners of all the Finalists that qualify for the Accelerator Program. The overall aim is to assist as many Australian technology-focussed SMEs as possible to achieve successful and sustained market entry to the Latin American market



Agritech Award

The Award will recognise those technologies that provide solutions to the food & agribusiness industry in Latin America. Entries might include technology solutions:

  • for farm management.

  • increased productivity.

  • increased resilience.

  • agricultural logistics.

​Energy Award

The Energy Award is focussed on solutions that use, enable and accelerate the uptake of renewable energy, distributed energy or enable efficiencies in traditional energy generation, transmission and distribution systems to deliver lower emissions solutions - all with a Latin American market demand. They can range from large scale clean energy production in central locations through to consumer-based solutions for intensely networked distributed energy. A typical applicant could be:


  • Small energy generation business focussed on hybrid applications of renewable energy in remote communities and on islands.

  • Significant decreases in transmission losses in energy systems.

  • Consumer controls and intermittency stabilisation.

  • Technology that takes solar energy conversion efficiencies from 21% to 60%.

  • Improving energy efficiency of distribution networks.

  • Energy storage solutions.

Mining Technology Award

The Mining Technology Award will recognise those technologies with Latin American potential that provide solutions to the mining industry. Entries might include solutions for:

  • Minerals processing

  • Drilling technologies

  • Explosives management

  • Acid Mine Drainage

  • Underground air quality

  • Underground GIS technologies

Water Award

The Water Award will recognise the Australian water companies with the greatest potential in the Latin American market. Entries could include:

  • water or wastewater treatment technologies.

  • water efficiency solutions.

  • water pipeline solutions.

  • monitoring and control systems.

  • design optimisation solutions.

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