Since 2011, the Australian Technologies Competition has aimed to make winners of all those companies that qualify for the Business Accelerator Program. The overall aim is to assist as many Australian technology-focussed SMEs to achieve strong growth as possible. Below some of the competition alumni from 2011-16 are featured and the full listing of over 164 Alumni companies can be downloaded in the ALUMNI PROFILES DOCUMENT:

2016 Overall Winner: Independent Products


Independent Products' uses the waste-water created by air conditioners to improve energy efficiency by up to 40% and can be retrofitted to most of the world’s split system air conditioning and refrigeration units.  

2015 Overall Winner: Calix


Calix’s mission is to simplify how things are made. It has invented and developed a super-active, magnesium-based foliar spray that is safe and environmentally friendly, and replaces the need for toxic fungicides and pesticides for a wide variety of crops.

The Sydney company has demonstrated and is now in the process of registering the product on tropical crops across South-East Asia including bananas, pineapple, cassava and coffee. It is also now undergoing trials on vineyards in France  

2014 Overall Winner: Targ Safelash


Targ Safelash has invented a safer, cost saving lashing system that could save the shipping industry 10 Billion litres of fuel and prevent deaths and container losses at sea. 


Targ Safelash is a patented lashing system for container ships around the world. Its unique design is safer, faster and easier to handle than existing lashing designs, which are generally heavy, awkward and dangerous.

In addition the system provides inbuilt quality assurance through automatic tension adjustment and our patented reporting, compliance and quality assurance system.

2013 Overall Winner: BluGlass Limited


BluGlass is a semiconductor company bringing to market a breakthrough in the LED lighting and solar industries called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD).

RPCVD is a revolutionary approach to the manufacture of group III nitrides which are essential components of millions of electronic and power devices.

2012 Overall Winner: enLighten Australia


enLighten Australia is a privately owned Australian innovation company. At enLighten we are passionate about delivering energy savings to our clients.  By combining the benefits of LED and controls that respond to how the space is used, enLighten’s products are regularly delivering energy savings up to 93%.

All enLighten products are designed to deliver significant improvements in the costs of ownership of lighting. Delivering our clients a return on investment of less than three years is achieved by maximising energy savings and reducing long term maintenance costs in a package that has a realistic initial cost of ownership.

2011 Overall Winner: SMAC Technologies


SMAC Technologies’ Shaw Method of Air Conditioning (SMAC) is a patented and proven highly energy efficient, low costing air conditioning (AC) technology with results from over 40 installations showing reduced AC energy consumption of between 30% and 85%.

2016 WINNERS //


Australian high-tech companies with global potential were celebrated at a gala dinner in Sydney on 2 November. The event showcased technology companies delivering solutions across all of the Country’s high growth sectors including energy, resources, mining, agriculture, cities and medtech. The Winners have solutions for a safer internet, making red meat traceable from paddock to plate and a technology that may replace all steel pipes globally.

Following a morning of Investor Speed-Dating with twenty-one of Australia’s leading technology investors, the companies battled it out in front of the eminent panel of judges. They faced ‘dragons’ den’ style questioning in front of a packed audience. Whilst the audience then relaxed with drinks on the deck of the HMAS Vampire overlooking the Sydney skyline, the judges went into a huddle to come to their final decisions.

Back in the amongst the historic technology of the Australian National Maritime Museum, the tension was high as the sell-out crowd heard from James O’Loghlin on what entrepreneurs risk to build new companies. This was followed by Mark Priest, a global advanced manufacturing expert from Cambridge, UK who spoke on the need for companies to focus on market pull to find success.

At last the tension was released with the announcement of the eight category Winners:







The last announcement of the night was of which of the Category Winners would take out the prestigious title of ‘Australian Technology Company of the Year’ title. The People’s Choice voting in the afternoon had favoured Long Pipes and its jointless, composite pipeline that is set to revolutionise the global pipeline industry. The Judges, having earlier reviewed the detailed business plans of the companies agreed on the Runner-up as Cortical Dynamics from Perth and the Australian Technology Company of the Year as Melbourne-based Independent Products.

Independent Products has a great success story that started ten years ago with no more than an idea and an academic paper. The concept was simple: reuse the energy in air-conditioner condensate to cut running costs. The company is now backed by leading investors, including Mike Fitzpatrick’s 88 Green Ventures, and has established manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and Queensland to meet the growing market demand. The next steps are global expansion and the judges saw the potential for growth to be very significant.




2015 WINNERS //


Key Highlights:


Australia’s top technology contenders battled it out for the honour of being named Australia’s best emerging tech company of the year at the annual Australian Technologies Competition Showcase and Awards event last night.


Calix’s mission is to simplify how things are made. It has invented and developed a super-active, magnesium-based foliar spray that is safe and environmentally friendly, and replaces the need for toxic fungicides and pesticides for a wide variety of crops.


The Sydney company has demonstrated and is now in the process of registering the product on tropical crops across South-East Asia including bananas, pineapple, cassava and coffee. It is also now undergoing trials on vineyards in France.


Company CEO, Phil Hodgson said “We are thrilled to be named Technology Company of the Year and to have gained the experience from the Business Accelerator program. For us, this isn't about winning an award; it is an opportunity to get practical assistance and coaching to improve our business. We gained not only from an expert mentor who has great experience in start-ups, but also from our fellow Finalists and the expert presenters and judges.”


The Australian Technologies Competition, now in its fifth year is the leading emerging technology business accelerator program in Australia. Each year the competition receives hundreds of applicants for its eight month development program which culminates in recognising Australia’s best game-changing technology companies.


The ATC15 Showcase featured a suite of world-class inventions, including technologies that improve tuna fishing, crematorium operations, smart grids and ocean monitoring. They were all judged by an eminent panel of experts during the live finals to determine which companies have the greatest potential to become a global success story in their industry.


Announcing the winners today, competition organiser and Managing Director of Australian CleanTech, Mr. John O’Brien said “The competition this year has been incredible. An excellent cross section of Australian technology businesses comes together for this annual program, which is being increasingly recognised as a successful platform for developing and showcasing cutting edge Australian technology companies and growing their global access”.


Ben Waters, who previously ran GE’s Ecomagination program in Australia and New Zealand and was Chairman of the Judges, said “We had a hard task picking the winners as so many of the Finalists have huge global potential. We expect all the Winners and most of the Finalists to see significant export growth and to create many high-value Australian jobs.” 


The winners were:


The Innovative Regions Award is a new addition in 2015. John O'Brien explains, "We work with Australia's best emerging technology companies and those that succeed usually emerge from a supportive innovation ecosystem. We want to help grow and celebrate the best regions so Australia can generate even more world leading tech companies."


The inaugural winner was the Greater Adelaide Region with its 109 innovation programs, fourteen co-working spaces and eleven incubators was announced as the inaugural Innovative Region. Dr Felicity-Ann Lewis, Chairperson of Regional Development Australia Adelaide Metropolitan said, "Adelaide has worked hard over the last few years to understand and enhance our innovation ecosystem and has now achieved a remarkable level of collaboration and coordination across a rich landscape of support."


With all this success and at a time when the Government states that it is backing innovation it is ironic that there is no commitment to continuing to fund the Competition into 2016. At this stage, this means the end of what has been an incredibly successful program that, on the Government’s figures, has created over $250 million worth of economic value for $750,000 invested over five years.


The Principal Sponsor of the Competition for the third year is Autodesk, a leading software company that strives to help people imagine, design and create a better world. In addition to offering highly subsidised access to its design software through the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program, the company mentors Competition Finalists on how they can use technology to optimise product.





2014 Built Environment Award: CINTEP


CINTEP make showers that use 70% less water and energy than conventional showers without reducing flow rate, water temperature or time spent in the shower. The product provides a 70% reduction in water and energy consumption in a package with an average payback of 3 - 4 years at current utility prices.

2014 Energy Award: RayGen Resources


RayGen Resources is developing Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic (CSPV) technology that may soon produce the cheapest energy in the world.



RayGen also won the 2014 People's Choice Award

2014 Food Technologies Award: Microbiogen


Microbiogen's technology produces novel strains of yeast using advanced breeding techniques for use in biofuels and other markets.

2014 Manufacturing Award: Rheology Solutions


Rheology Solutions has an online process control instrument that delivers real-time data to afford better quality control for production processes in the food and mining sectors.


2014 Mining Technologies Award: Minnovare


The Azimuth Aligner technology replaces time consuming land surveying methods for aligning a drill rig and allows positioning to be completed in 5 minutes.


2014 Water Technologies Award: Calix


Calix has developed an elegant technology that creates mineral "popcorn" - fluffy tiny mineral particles that combine more readily into products and innovative new materials – while capturing CO2. Our first product-to-market is a magnesium-based fluid, a superior additive for the treatment of waste water, that delivers price and energy savings of at least 25 % against current methods.


2014 Alumni Award: Aeratron


An energy saving, noise reducing fan/turbine technology suitable for applications in IT, server cooling, medical devices, defence, and many other applications.


Other 2014 Finalists


Eden Energy (ASX: EDE) - Creation of Carbon Nanotubes from methane for use as an additive to concrete or polymers to significantly increase compressive and flexural strength.


Carnegie Wave Energy (ASX: CWE) - Named after a Greek sea goddess, the CETO Wave Energy Technology harnesses ocean waves to generate electricity and desalinated water.


Nano-Nouvelle - Nano-Nouvelle's Tin Nanode increases the energy density of lithium ion batteries by up to 50% compared to the current graphite technology.


Greensync - The technology simulates energy system constraints enabling it to locate, profile and forecast upcoming problems and help network companies manage loads on the grid.



BioGill - Proven bioreactors providing superior biological wastewater treatment at lower cost and lower energy.


Regen Power - A fully integrated innovative HybridGENTM Power Pack generator with a variable speed diesel generator, solar/wind and battery pack with load management and control system.



Baleen Filters - A mechanical filter based on the natural technique used by filter-feeding Baleen Whales.

2013 Built Environment Award: Organic Response


Organic Response is a revolutionary lighting control system using Distributed Intelligence to deliver maximum energy savings with optimal occupancy comfort. Uniquely, the technology requires no additional design, hardware, wiring orcommissioning to install. 


The system allows other building management systems to access and exploit its real time, location specific occupancy information to make more intelligent decisions and improve their own energy efficiency.

2013 Renewable Energy Award: Speciality Coatings


EnerSheetTM is a large format resin-impregnated fibreglass composite roof sheeting product with embedded thin film solar photovoltaic (PV) material. EnerSheetTM is easy to install and is Australia’s only building-integrated PV (BiPV) roofing material.

2013 Manufacturing Award: BluGlass Limited


BluGlass is a semiconductor company bringing to market a breakthrough in the LED lighting and solar industries called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD). RPCVD is a revolutionary approach to the manufacture of group III nitrides which are essential components of millions of electronic and power devices.

2013 Mining Award: Global Future Solutions


Global Future Solutions (GFS) is an Australian Biotechnology company producing environmentally friendly products for the Oil and Gas, Poultry, Life Sciences and Sanitisation Industries. 

This submission is focussed on the Oil and Gas industry, specifically the highly controversial unconventional gas extraction.  GFS MEGR 102 is unique in that it utilises bacteria and bio surfactin to replace toxic chemicals and outperforms the competitor's products in all gas well environments.

2013 Food and Beverages Award: Z Filter


Z-Filter separates solids from liquids, by trapping them inside a single, zippered, filter element a 'Sock'.  The Z-Filter continuously filters separates, rolls, compacts and compresses the solids inside the sock expelling the liquids to provide a dry cake. Z-Filter's 'Filtration Innovation' is the most efficient means available to separate solids from liquids.

2013 Alumni Award: CINTEP Ltd


CINTEP make showers that use 70% less water and energy than conventional showers without reducing flow rate, water temperature or time spent in the shower. The product provides a 70% reduction in water and energy consumption in a package with an average payback of 3 - 4 years at current utility prices.

Elevare Energy


An Australian power electronics company using its technology to make energy storage with batteries commercially viable reducing GHG's and rising power prices. Solutions include community energy storage and the dSTATCOM that solves Power Factor Correction and other issues in commercial sites.

RayGen Resources


RayGen is creating the lowest cost power generation technology in the world - and it's renewable.  RayGen's solar technology combines the most efficient solar cells (>44%) with mirrors, the lowest cost and most efficient collector. Unlike all other PV systems, RayGen separates collector and generator to optimize each independently. This provides a breakthrough in cost reduction.

Microheat Technologies


MicroHeat Technologies (MHT) develops advanced fluid heating technologies, that is patent (PCT) protected globally and delivers energy optimisation & water consumption reduction. The Technology uses a 'direct energy transfer' method of heating to for point of use appliances with a small footprint .

Bombora Wave Power


Bombora Wave Power has developed a novel wave energy convertor that converts the ocean's swell into a fossil fuel free source of cost effective electricity. Through a sturdy, seabed mounted design and flexible membrane, we're able to withstand storms and harness a greater proportion of the available wave energy.

Commercial Diving Services


HST assists ships to travel faster through the water, consume less fuel and emit lower green-house gases, ensuring that their hulls are clean and smooth - free from fouling organisms such as slime, algae, weed and/or molluscs - through the application of heated sea water within a patented underwater device which travels along ships' hulls.

DiUS Computing


DiUS Computing's ChargeIQ is a world-leading home charging solution for plug-in electric vehicles. ChargeIQ seamlessly integrates the driver, vehicle and the grid to minimise the costs of charging for vehicle owners, utilities and society more generally.

F Cubed Australia


F Cubed's unique technology is a solution to the world's water issues only using natural renewable solar energy. F Cubed panels produces pure clean drinking water, from any feed water source by bio-mimicking the natural water cycle of evaporation and condensation; also producing a secondary water supply of UV disinfected, heated, and filtered water, precipitating inorganic compounds and leaving no waste.

Imaca Neopower


Neopower solar hot water uses highly efficient evacuated tube solar collector to collect the sun energy. When the solar controller senses the collector is heated by the sun, it will give a signal to a circulation pump, then the pump pushes water through the solar collector, transferring the captured heat into the water.

Katru Eco-Inventions


The IMPLUXTM Wind Power Turbine (IMPLUX) is an internationally patented, distinctly unique cutting edge technology that delivers power from turbulent winds in the urban environment. It is a highly efficient technology which captures the limited urban wind resource. IMPLUX overcomes the shortcomings of existing turbines for urban applications including poor efficiency, safety, noise and aesthetics via a radically different next generation design developed specifically for multi-storey buildings.

New Wave Power Systems


The DC HYBRID Power Transmission System is designed to achieve optimum efficiency when integrating energy generation, storage and consumption within a building. The system allows a premise to use renewable- generated (DC) energy either directly - for example to power lighting - or by storing the energy for possible back-up power, UPS or peak time load-shifting.

Nexus eWater


Nexus eWater is commercialising products that will transform the energy and water performance of homes by unlocking the value of grey water, an abundant and largely untapped resource found in every home. These innovative products will deliver high-efficiency hot water using heat recycled from grey water, and high-quality treated water for non-potable uses such as toilet flushing and garden irrigation.

ORACLE Air Conditioning Services


Air-conditioning units are least efficient at high ambient temperatures, when cooling demand is highest. We have developed a new hybrid chilled-water evaporative cooling technology. We have named our technology as an 'ultra cooler' because of its performance capabilities relative to other evaporative cooling products.



Oztren Industries


Rotogen is a variable pitch vertical turbine system that is self regulated and dynamically adjusts to the wind in gusty conditions, making it safer and able to work in a wider range of weather conditions. It is reliable in extreme weather and outperforms all other vertical turbines for total variability both in blade adjustment and grid tie power production.



Positive Recycling


Positive Recycling delivers a Used Battery Collection Service that provides a convenient, safe, environmentally appropriate, regulation compliant solution for the collection, storage and transportation for recycling of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULABs). At the core of this service will be the Positive Pallet which is a specially designed, enclosed, bunded, signed, front loadable, collapsible, dangerous goods Pallet.



The pMC Master Controller is an Environmental Dust Management System, developed by Ptronik, to significantly improve efficiency in Industrial Dust Collectors. The 'pMC' is a breakthrough technology that collects and uses real time plant data to automatically monitor and control the cleaning process thereby optimizing plant performance.

Q Solar


Q Solar's high efficiency solar heaters have multiple applications in industry, agriculture and for heating of all size buildings. The new solar heaters are easy to retrofit to existing fuel burners and can be used to preheat the air of combustion and decrease fossil fuel consumption and pollution.

QuickCool Cooling Technologies


Our concept is an efficient thermal storage system for medium temperature (0 to 8 dg) commercial refrigeration applications using phase change materials (PCM). During the night in low ambient temperature a standard refrigeration plant will freeze the PCM material within the thermal storage unit reducing energy demand and costs.


Reposit Power


Reposit Power has developed a 'Batteries-as-a-Service' platform to enable electricity retailers to put a battery in every home to solve a number of technical and commercial challenges faced in the electricity grid. The Reposit Power platform manages residential energy storage to deliver energy, power and other services that create savings and produce additional revenue streams for retailers and consumers in the National Electricity Market (NEM).




SAMEC is developing wirelessly connected, solar powered, devices that are part of an 'internet of things'. The first is My Free Power, which integrates a smartphone app, Bluetooth technology and the latest organic photovoltaic solar cell technology in a smartphone protective case. The product will share information about the user's power savings via social media by showing the amount of CO2 savings taking place and promotes peer networking to increase power savings and help market the product.



Silenceair has developed an award winning technology platform that targets the rapidly expanding 'Green Building' ventilation market, currently estimated to be worth $15 B in the USA alone. Our products enable architects, engineers and builders to create low cost, energy efficient, fresh air ventilation systems for buildings in noise-affected environments that would otherwise require expensive and energy hungry mechanical systems to provide the necessary ventilation.

SmartBurn International


The SmartBurn device is a combustion catalyst for wood heaters. Based upon a mixture of natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive ingredients the SmartBurn device improves the combustion efficiency of wood heaters and open fireplaces resulting in a 54% reduction in wood particulate emissions from entering the atmosphere and a 17% more effective burn of wood.

Uniflow Power


The Uniflow Generator is biomass fuelled, steam driven engine that produces 5kW of electricity, rotary mechanical power, steam, hot water, and other heating services. It is a 21st century steam engine that can be fuelled with the lowest grade fuels to produce renewable energy services on demand.



Utilitas partners with farmers, food and beverage manufacturers, waste managers, and wastewater treatment plant operators to recycle energy from their organic waste streams to cap their increasing energy costs. Utilitas, a specialist biogas project development company, uses well proven technology and a smart business model to produce competitively priced ‘Organic Energy’.

Zen Energy Systems


ZEN has developed a range of 'Intelligent Distributed Energy Storage' systems from Residential to Utility Scale based on a distributed computing architecture that allows for joint participation by all parties. The core is a world leading 'Battery Operating System' (BOS3) that enables a high level of functionality and control together with advanced battery optimisation of large format lithium iron phosphate cells to break through previous cost barriers to storage.


E-CreteTM is a geopolymer based binder that delivers up to 80% CO2 emission savings compared to Portland cement and is capable of meeting the maximum Green Star Concrete Credit performance criteria. E-Crete meets all of the performance requirements of standard N-Grade concretes under AS 1379 and is specified in VicRoads section 703 for General Concrete Paving.

2012 Runner Up //
2012 Runner-Up - Biofiba Ltd


Biofiba is a composite comprising 100% natural organic matter sourced from commercially grown, renewable, non-food crops processed and extruded into a simulated timber plank as an alternative to timber, plastic, cardboard and polystyrene in the manufacturer of biodegradable export shipping pallets.

2012 Finalists //


Aeratron has developed a new fan design with increased airflow efficiency that reduces energy use by up to 50% on air conditioning, creates reduced noise and can be retrofitted.



Silicon Fertilisers has developed an innovative product (MaxSil) from post-consumer waste glass which will reduce the amount of waste being taken to landfill and can be used to significantly increase plant nutrient uptake and increase crop yields by up to 25%. MaxSil has also demonstrated the capacity to reduce carbon intensive phosphate inputs by up to 50%.

SkyCool Pty Ltd


SkyCool manufactures a cool-roof coating reduces the internal temperatures of buildings, such as shopping malls, airports and warehouses to below ambient, typically saving 30-50% of a building’s air-conditioning energy giving IRRs of 25-100%.

Tropiglas Technologies Ltd


Tropiglas Technologies Ltd is developing energy-generating clear glass technology that will have market entry as a clear low-emissions glass for the automotive and building industries. The technology blocks IR and UV radiation and associated heat whilst allowing visible light through.

2012 Semi- Finalists // 
Active Bio-Culture Pty Ltd


Active Bio-Culture Pty Ltd has developed a cost-effective and energy efficient aeration device (Aeralif) to achieve water and wastewater aeration for multiple applications with reduced capital and operating costs and also reduced energy consumption.

Bennett Clayton


Bennett Clayton provides high efficiency onsite generation using multiple small-scale gas generators that switch on and off with demand and operate at peak efficiency and have the capability of also being used for cogeneration.

Casafico Pty Ltd


Casafico's walling and construction systems are an innovative combination of latest technology materials and unique construction methods that are able to utilise industrial land-fill waste to produce high quality, low cost, energy efficient construction.



CINTEP make showers that use 70% less water and energy than conventional showers without reducing flow rate, water temperature or time spent in the shower. The product provides a 70% reduction in water and energy consumption in a package with an average payback of 3 - 4 years at current utility prices.

ELE Australia Pty Ltd


ELE Australia has developed a concentrating solar solution utilising fresnel lenses and combined with biogas to provide a complete solution initially to the intensive animal farming sector.

Elemental Energy Technologies


The SeaUrchin™ hydro-kinetic Turbine is designed to economically capture the vast energy of the world’s ocean streams, tidal currents and river flows for the generation of electrical power. The SeaUrchin™ technology harnesses up to four times more power, is up to 70% more efficient and costs less than conventional “propeller” based marine generators.



Energy Saving Networks Pty Ltd


The Wattwatchers technology is an energy monitoring system that allows consumers to be involved in large scale demand-side participation.This allows consumers to control their power bills over smartphones and PC's, enables new forms of energy services to flourish based on aggregation or profiling, and community-based energy saving networks to form.

Environmental Sciences Australia Pty Ltd


The SkyVent - SeaBreezer product is a wind directional skylight ventilator that combines daylight and natural ventilation in the one product. It uses an innovative wind directional exhaust ventilation system connected to a light pipe using no energy at a low cost to create a healthy house.



GenesisERT has developed a highly efficient micro-hydro technology that generates electricity from waste kinetic energy from movement of fluid through pipes and is 50% more efficient than existing micro-hydro units.



GreenSync Pty Ltd


GreenSync has developed a demand response platform which enables electricity retailers to offer their commercial and industrial customers money for reducing power usage during critical periods by switching off non-critical equipment when requested in return for incentive payments.

H2O Organiser Ltd


H2O Organiser technology provides control systems to stop water loss by monitoring flow and automatically stopping flow for detected unwanted flows.

Intelligent Software Development


ISD's SimulAIt simulation program operates in the field of advanced data analytics, using simulation and artificial intelligence technologies to provide mass-consumer-based forecasting and decision-support tools to assist business and Government with strategy and policy for energy and smart grids, water, waste and environmental policy.

Intresto Pty Ltd


Intresto's Rocksolver is building material optimisation software. Rocksolver solves the jigsaw puzzle when building with irregular-shaped blocks of unprocessed rock to make it easy to use this cheap, abundant and sustainable resource.

Katru Eco-Inventions Pty.Ltd.


Katru Eco-Inventions has developed the IMPLUX Wind Power Turbine that provides an efficient, tailored, safe and aesthetically compatible small wind solution.

nDure Technologies Pty. Ltd.


nDure Technologies is developing a technology that helps diesel burn more completely to reduce pollutants and enhancing fuel efficiency.

Recycling Solutions Pty Ltd


A range of small manual Plastic Bottle Crushers that will crush all plastic bottles, aluminium and steel cans designed to be used in homes and the commercial industry. By reducing the waste volume, the product helps make recycling more viable.

Rotary Heat Exchangers


Rotary Heat Exchangers has developed an enthalpy or total energy rotary heat exchanger for use to provide high efficiency air conditioning in humid climates. This is being extended for application in all climates with potential energy reductions of up to 50%.

Silenceair International Pty Ltd


Silenceair's technology provides soundproof ventilators for buildings and machinery that reduce noise levels by over 85% whilst allowing air to enter buildings with very little resistance.

Smart Roof Australia Pty.Ltd


Smart Roof Australia has developed a solar thermal heating, cooling and ventilation system known as Smartbreeze, which is able to save up to 40% on heating and cooling bills by using radiant warm air to heat a building on a cool day and provide purging and natural nocturnal cooling to assist cooling a building on and after a hot day.

Solar Dwellings


Solar Dwellings has developed Energy Efficient Refrigerator that changes the concept of refrigeration for domestic and commercial use through having a number of separate air-tight drawers that are opened independently to reduce unnecessary energy loss.

Switch Automation Pty Ltd


Switch Automation has developed the Switch Smart Hub, a cloud based building management system for buildings and communities that can integrate renewable energy management and is provided on a software-as-a-service solution.

Tat-G Corp Pty Ltd


The Tat-G On-Site Organic Digester is a commercial-scale organic waste processing system using advanced vermiculture technology and capable of handling a variety of organic materials in combination with cardboard packaging materials.



Timbercrete has developed a low emissions masonry product utilising waste timber feedstock that can replace many brick and concrete applications. The product is easier to construct, more versatile, better insulating and reduces waste to landfill.

2011 Runners-Up //
2011 1st Runner-Up  - SolMax


The SolMax combines existing roofing and solar products to produce a cheap, efficient solar concentrator that can be retrofitted and delivers heat, cooling and electricity to commercial premises at the lowest cost.



2011 2nd Runner-Up -  Clean Oil Services


Clean Oil Services’ LubeMaster utilises a centrifuge technology to provide ongoing cleaning of oil in a more efficient way than standard pore membrane filters.

2011 3rd Runner-Up -  YellowDot Energy


YellowDot Energy has developed Australia’s largest solar high-flow groundwater extraction system bore based on a proprietary control algorithm to operate the motor in such a way that we can achieve maximum possible shaft speed (and pumping volumes) given the available solar energy incident on the PV array at any moment in time.

2011 Finalists //
AquaGen Technologies


AquaGen’s SurgeDrive wave energy system overcomes the historical problems of wave energy by converting the energy above water and provides a solution that is scalable and cost competitive with other renewable energy sources.



AquaHydrex is an inexpensive, integrated solar-powered water-splitting technology that enables onsite manufacturing of hydrogen for use in industrial processes.





The Calcination Energy Storage system provides an energy storage solution that combines conventional molten salt technology with the chemical dissociation reaction of lime calcination to deliver an order of magnitude increase in energy storage capacity per unit volume.



Cogen Microsystems


Cogen Microsystems is developing a hybrid solar energy system for household and commercial application using a heat engine and low cost solar thermal collector to generate electricity and hot water at lower installed cost than competing technologies. This system is commonly referred to as a micro combined heating and power (mCHP) product.

Ducane Australia


The Drainwave is a simple device that can be installed in any house that enables the use of low flow water appliances such as ultra-low flush toilets. It enables this through capturing water through a ‘tipping bucket’ design and then using pulse flushes to ensure the low flows can pass through conventional plumbing.

RESA Operations


RESA’s Eco Whisper Turbine is a unique virtually silent 20kW horizontal axis wind turbine for on and off grid connections that utilises a unique blade design and an outer cowling/ring to ensure optimum energy capture and conversion.

Sundermann Water Power


The patented bi-directionally Sundermann low-head water turbine has been specifically designed to maximise operational efficiency in slow water flows to open up new viable locations for tidal and run-of-the river flows.


The Australian Latin American Market Entry Accelerator Program is supported by the Australian Government through the Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

16 DEC


Entries closed on 16 December 2017


John O'Brien

Australian CleanTech

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The Companies judged to have the best chance of success in Latin America were shortlisted and qualified for the Accelerator Program

24 APR


Finalists pitched off in front of Chilean Judges in Santiago to decide category and overall Winners.

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